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NO COST glass repair and restoration to small businesses that obtained graffiti and other surface damage during the protests and looting.

To find a GlassRenu Cares participating business in your market, please search by zip code and select any of the GREEN colored pin drops for contact information or select “GlassRenu Cares Partner” under specialization.

Why are we doing this?

At GlassRenu, we understand the devastating effect that both the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent civil unrest have had on small businesses throughout the country. GlassRenu has donated all restoration materials to the independent glass restoration technicians across America who have volunteered to repair and restore glass that obtained graffiti and surface damage amid the protest or looting at no cost through July 31,2020.

PLEASE NOTE: GlassRenu technicians can remove paint or acid-etched graffiti, scratches, or other surface damage from glass. However, they cannot repair or replace cracked or broken glass. If you would like more information on GlassRenu Cares, or would like to with a GlassRenu Corporate Team Member, please inquire by emailing
We understand that the past few months have been extremely difficult and that for many who have had their businesses defaced and damaged the cost of repair may be beyond their current means. It is our hope that we can help as many small businesses as possible prepare to re-open with repaired storefronts.

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