Total Recon

Established In 1995, Total Recon Inc. Offers A Wide Range Of Cosmetic Repair And Reconditioning Services For Many Types Of Vehicles.

Concours Quality Detail Services – Services Include Paint Surface Defect Removal And Application Of Polymer UV Protection Sealants


Headlamp Reconditioning – Eliminates Cloudiness And Yellowing And Increases Safety By Restoring Headlamp Light Output


Interior Odor Treatments – A Multi-Step Process That Eliminates Odors Using Ozone And Enzyme Systems


Interior Restoration Services – Repair Damage And Refinish Leather, Vinyl, Dashboards, Plastic Trim, And Carpets. Custom Color Matching


Paintless Dent Repair Service – Remove Minor Dings And Creases Without Traditional Body Repairs Or Paint


Paint Touch Up – Custom Matched Color System To Minimize The Appearance Of Chips And Scratches


Windshield Repair – Repairs Stone Damage And Removes Scratches To Prevent Windshield Replacement


Alloy Rim Repairs – Repair Cosmetic Damage To Wheels – Curb Scrapes, Gouges, Surface Damage


Pinstriping And Graphic Application With Universal/TFX Products